We offer a solution to a global problem

Despite the growing efforts of individual countries and organizations worldwide to deal with the problem of increasing waste, it is difficult to find an ideal and, above all, comprehensive solution. The best way to eliminate growing landfills is through recycling.

Its purpose is to reuse materials that would otherwise become part of unused, unnecessary and ultimately harmful waste.

We have developed a unique recycling technology that has the potential to eliminate the global negative trend of waste accumulation.

Longer service life of materials

The ideal situation would be if the waste was not generated at all. A large amount of waste is generated during the production processes themselves and the final modifications of new products, such as residuals or aesthetically faulty products.

With the introduction of our technology, this material will not become part of waste management statistics, but will find its new meaningful use. It will be transformed into a building material – GECON boards. Not only are they environmentally friendly and recyclable, but they also have unique properties.

High-tech production

GECON boards are created in production machines using currently the most modern available technologies. Due to the interaction of temperature, pressure and various additives dosed in the exact ratio, several types of recyclable materials (LDPE, PP, tetrapack, wood chips, paper industry by-products…) are processed in them. This technology, developed and protected by us, significantly reduces the emission footprint in the production of boards and recycles input materials up to 99%, which cannot normally be recycled.

In our company, these materials get a second chance and after processing they meet strict EU standards. Our boards are manufactured without the content of substances harmful to health or nature.