GGT is a platform, that was created and works thanks to the support of GreenCon International. It brings news from the „green world“ as well as inspiring interviews with people, who have changed their own lifestyle and so life in harmony with nature has become natural to them. Visitors can find a lot of tricks, tips and advices on how to gradually, slowly, but at the same time effectively, live a little more greener.

zber medailí

Zber medailí

A nationwide sports project that promises a summer full of challenges for the whole family with an emphasis on ecology! The project supports sport, healthy lifestyle and mutual team activity. It brings together athletes of different ages who motivate each other. The Collection of medals is unique in its variety of activities, which is why Greencon International decided to support it.


Moja zelená súťaž

GreenCon International brings a big and long-term photo competition for the general public. Anyone close to a sustainable way of life can take part in it. Every two months, a new topic related to ecology or recycling will be announced. The goal is to encourage and motivate general public to think green and compete for interesting prizes. Participation in the competition is possible with pictures that are green in color or in their green eco content and that meet current competition conditions.


GreenCon Run

The world of sport and running events is trying to think more about ecology and how to support the idea of recycling and reducing waste as much as possible with its activities. With the same idea, the first year of the Zber medailí: GreenCon RUN was created. In addition to other environmental activities, it will also involve the recycling of old start numbers.