Unique features

GECON boards convince customers all over the world with their uniqueness, quality, environmental parameters and also an interesting price.

They offer excellent sound insulation properties, fire protection and thermal insulation, thanks to which they provide significant energy savings, insulation against moisture, non-flammability and echo prevention.

The ecological production process and their overall recyclability also contribute to the sustainability of resources.

Possibilities of use

They are practically unlimited – from application in existing buildings through improvement of building properties to the complete construction of new buildings.

Floors, walls, ceilings and attics. Wherever you start building modifications, GECON boards will find their application. Their use will ensure that the requirements for sound insulation, fire and thermal insulation properties and health safety are met.

The location in the interiors will ensure a pleasant climate throughout the year, while representing only a minimal occupancy of the living space.

World quality

The company’s production and sales expansion on world markets is presented by activities in several countries, such as the USA, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Austria, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Portugal, Denmark, Georgia, Israel, Brazil, the United Kingdom and Germany.

At the same time, GreenCon is preparing the gradual introduction of GREENCON TECHNOLOGY to other EU countries.

GECON Acoustic

It is one of the most effective sound insulation on the market. All tests of airborne soundproofing have confirmed its leading position in the competition of products used so far.

GECON Protect

Fireproof, non-combustible board with increased fire resistance, which reaches class E30/EI30/EW30.

GECON Design

This product is a combination of any GECON board (Acoustic, Protect, Diamond) with a specific design surface treatment.

GECON Diamond

Due to their properties, GECON Diamond boards are intended for the production of partitions, floors, cladding, where high strength and water resistance are required.


High-efficiency building elements used in the walls, roofs and floors of family houses and light commercial buildings.