GECON Diamond

Due to their properties, GECON Diamond boards are intended for the production of partitions, floors, cladding, where high strength and water resistance are required.

Like all other GECON boards, they are manufactured with technology developed and protected by us, which significantly reduces the emission footprint in the production of boards and recycles various types of input materials to 99%, which cannot normally be recycled.

With our technology, these materials get a second chance and after processing they meet strict EU standards. Our boards are produced without the content of substances harmful to health or nature (even without formaldehyde) and are a more cost-effective alternative to cement-bonded particleboards.

GECON Diamond has the following features

  • High strength

  • Exterior

    Vhodnosť hlavne do exteriéru

  • Comparable properties

    As a cement-chipboard

  • Workability


  • Fire resistance

  • Application

    Trouble-free application even in wet processes

  • Resistance to fungi and pests

    Our adhesives have a pH that eliminates fungus and bacteria and is additionally treated with HT (Heat Treatment).

  • Without the addition of formaldehyde

    100 % hygienic

  • 100% Recyclability

  • Energy saving

  • Manipulation

    Easy handling (weights only 8 kg / m2 with a board thickness of 10 mm)

  • Usage

    Ideal for application to floors, walls and ceilings

  • Humidity regulation

    Water resistance.

  • Size and format

    Supplied as a large-area board (1.2 x 2.7 m), so there is no need to construct from small parts and subsequently sealing the gaps (on request, of course, we can also supply smaller formats).

Practical Use

We recommend using it in a demanding environment where high mechanical resistance is required.

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    Formwork material

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    Supporting layers of floors

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    Lift shaft cladding

  • null

    Balcony panels

  • null

    Load-bearing elements of ceiling structures

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    Reinforcing wall constructions

  • null

    Roof load-bearing structures

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