GECON Design - with a specific design finish

This product is a combination of any GECON board (Acoustic, Protect, Diamond) with a specific design surface treatment.

From the entire range, you can choose the board that, with its unique properties, best suits your preferences and meets specific requirements in the implementation of your projects.

Then you can choose an surface treatment from a wide portfolio (3D Renolit, HPL, Aluminum or Steel sheet, Textiles, Plastic)

GECON Design has the following features

  • Production

    It is manufactured by technology developed and protected by us

  • Practical solution

    Aesthetic and practical solution for hitherto unused spaces

  • Resistance to fungi and pests

    Our adhesives have a pH that eliminates fungus and bacteria and is additionally treated with HT (Heat Treatment).

  • Without the addition of formaldehyde

    100% hygienic

  • 100% Recyclability

  • Energy saving

  • Manipulation

    Easy handling (weights only 8 kg / m2 with a board thickness of 10 mm)

  • Usage

    Ideal for application to floors, walls and ceilings

  • Size and format

    Supplied as a large-area board (1.2 x 2.7 m), so there is no need to construct from small parts and subsequently sealing the gaps (on request, of course, we can also supply smaller formats).

GECON Design finish

We offer a choice of up to 241 decors.
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    One-color structured decors

  • null

    One-color smooth decors

  • null

    Matte decors

  • null

    Suede-matt decors

  • null

    Satin decors

  • null

    High-gloss decors

  • null

    Special effects

  • null

    Wood decors (pine, maple, ash, alder, elm, oak, beech, conifers, exotic woods, fruit trees)

  • null

    Metallic decors

  • null

    Decor with a stone motif

Practical Use

Board-specific properties (see GECON Acoustic, GECON Protect, GECON Diamond properties).
  • null

    Surface design of furniture

  • null

    Surface design of walls

  • null

    Advertisement printing

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