We think ecologically and with regard to the highest requirements of our customers

GreenCon Ltd was established in 2007 with a vision of a new process for the production of building materials. At the beginning, our effort was to take global recycling to the next level and at the same time create a product that will have versatile use in building construction.

We are proud that through the environmentally friendly production and production of 100% recyclable products, we also contribute to the sustainability of resources.

We bring a new technology to the market for the production of building materials that saves the environment. The main production inputs are recyclable substances, originating from industrial processes, which meet the strictest hygienic standards. Production takes place in an environmentally friendly process, without the use and addition of harmful chemicals. The resulting product is GECON board, which with its properties and price surpasses the competition and provides the customer with long-term energy savings.

High-Tech production

We have developed our own production technology, which also produces unrivalled building materials with regard to the environment. GECON boards are manufactured in unique production machines, using currently the most modern available technologies. By the interaction of temperature, pressure and various additives, dosed in exact ratio, several types of recyclable materials can be processed.

Light and at the same time durable material is produced by the system of endless line of machines which meets the ever-increasing demands of designers, builders and end customers.


More than 25 years of experience in leading positions in the field of marketing and finance not only in Slovakia, but also in Hungary, the Czech Republic and Austria.

“Today, perhaps more than ever, we should think about sustainable practices not only in production, but also in the future of construction as such. It is great that a new building can also be created using products from recycled materials. Even better for products that do not end up in landfills for decades, because they are also recyclable and that was exactly our goal. “

Ing. Martin Lenčéš

Chief executive officer / Owner
More than 15 years of experience in the field of recycling, development of green technologies and green buildings in German-speaking countries and in Eastern and Central Europe.

“It should be our moral duty and our effort to use modern technology not only to raise our standard of living, but also to mitigate its impact on a stressed environment. With advancing and developing new practices, we should not forget to look back and the consequences of our actions. We are pleased that we have been able to launch a novelty on the market whose impact of which Is environment friendly and positive. “

Ing. Milan Knežo

Chief executive officer / Owner


We bring this unique building materials and technology to the market also thanks to our partners. They have become part of more than a decade of preparation and production process, participated in product development, testing and certification.